As we head into the cool crisp air of fall, there’s no better time to switch up your hair color and embrace a new look. Thanks to incredible companies such as Good Dye Young, Manic Panic and Arctic Fox, snagging those fun fall hair colors is easier than ever. 

Embrace the cool reds and crisp oranges by drawing some inspiration from these 10 classic fall looks by some of our favorite brands. 

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1. Fire red

Nothing says fall like donning your favorite flannel and some fire-red hair. Good Dye Young can help you achieve this badass look with a combination of Rock Lobster, Riot and Steal My Sunshine.

2. Beams of gold

The leaves are changing color, so why shouldn’t your hair? You can mimic those cool and crisp colors with this beautiful golden shade. Just grab some Riot and Steal My Sunshine from Good Dye Young to give this fall look a go.

3. Pink balayage

Not into dyeing your whole head? Manic Panic has a beautiful semi-permanent and long-lasting pink called Cleo Rose that will add the perfect amount of fall fun to your natural colors.

4. Blue balayage

Pink not really your color? Embrace the cool colors of fall with a blue-based balayage instead. You can achieve this incredible look with Manic Panic’s Blue Steel and Shocking Blue.

5. Porange AF

Maybe you’re looking to amp up the oranges of fall with a neon twist? Arctic Fox offers a neon orange shade with peachy undertones that’s also UV reactive. Snag the shade Porange to grab this iconic look.

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6. Neverland

If you find yourself missing the greens of spring and summer, then Arctic Fox’s Neverland is just what you need. This pretty pastel will cure your summertime blues by showing off a crisp green.

7. Lemon lime

Say goodbye to the greens and hello to the yellows with hair to match the transition of the season. Dye those roots with Good Dye Young’s Kowabunga and fade it into Steal My Sunshine to capture the colors of fall.

8. Ultimate color combo

Not quite ready to go the semi-permanent route? Good Dye Young offers “hair makeup” in the form of Poser Paste that goes on easy and washes off no problem. Ex-Girl, Steal My Sunshine and Riot are pictured, but their selection doesn’t end there.

9. Peachy pink

Good Dye Young keeps it cool with the perfect fall color combo. Create this peachy-pink look with Riot, Ex-Girl and a smidge of PPL Eater. We love a creative color with a dark root.

10. Transylvania

Embrace your inner emo any time of the year with Arctic Fox’s Transylvania. This blue-based jet black pairs perfectly with your darkest dreams and gets you more than ready for our favorite spooky time of the year.

Which hair color are you planning to rock this fall? Let us know in the comments below.