It's been 15 years since Fall Out Boy released From Under The Cork Tree. However, there are still a few Easter eggs fans can't seem to agree on including a controversial one in "Dance, Dance."

This week, the infamous whisper in the single was brought up again on Reddit and fans are more determined than ever to figure out what Pete Wentz really says.

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Fall Out Boy are known for leaving an Easter egg or two lying around in their music. In fact, listeners have discovered over 15 hidden clues in their 2005 album. However, there is one particular line that fans are still divided over - what is Pete Wentz really whispering in "Dance, Dance"?

Fans have reported various different theories on what Wentz is actually whispering over the years. The most popular happens to be "Joe Trohman is lame."

However, back in the day, Trohman told his Tumblr followers that that phrase is not in the song, which was brought up in a previous Reddit thread. This led listeners to believe that Wentz is actually saying something else.

Pete does not say "Joe Trohman is lame" in Dance, Dance. from r/FallOutBoy

Now, another Reddit user is determined to get to the bottom of this. Last week, u/neetman2477 posted in the Fall Out Boy thread about the whisper. As a result, they received a few different theories about what Wentz really says.

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Is there a whisper in Dance, Dance or is it just me from r/FallOutBoy

In the past, Wentz has managed to confuse fans about the "Dance, Dance" whisper. In the single's video, listeners can hear him say "we're going into D minor" while he has reportedly whispered "I just miss you so much" during live performances.



However, one fan has isolated the vocals in the Fall Out Boy song and has apparently uncovered what Wentz really whispers in "Dance, Dance." According to the video, he actually says "Joe Trohman is lame" which is recorded backward in the official track.


Did Trohman troll his Tumblr followers about what Wentz actually whispers in the song? It's possible.

Stream "Dance, Dance" and the video below.

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