Pop-punk provocateurs? Melodic hardcore hellions? One third of modern emo’s holy trinity? A cool night out? Fall Out Boy have been painted with so many kinds of brushes, we don’t know what to call them at this point. Which is good. It keeps the dialog moving.

Known for being explosive and dance-inducing pop-punk dynamos, Fall Out Boy–Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley–are a one-of-a-kind hybrid of arena rock, R&B, hip-hop, bubblegum pop and emo. But that formula didn’t come out of nowhere. Which is why we’ve created this list of records that inspired and influenced them. We’ve also included some records made by bands infected by FOB that gave them the fire to scale the heights of their own design.

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In this rundown of 10 bands, you can pick up what Team FOB have been throwing down for many years. Taking their cues from youth-crew icons, next-gen punks (ones purportedly being groomed to snatch the mantle from blink-182), R&B avatars and yes, even Earth’s reigning Queen Of Pop, FOB have been able to stay fresh, relevant and fun. Most bands settle for achieving one of those three things, and inevitably end up playing rooms slightly larger than your average daycare hang.

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Sure, we know these lists are highly subjective. You see, while we’re certainly familiar about where Fall Out Boy have been, it just makes us stoked to wonder where they will go next. Their track record for knowing the score is pretty damn great. We are hoping that more music will be revealed prior to their stadium trek the Hella Mega tour with Green Day and Weezer this summer. Meantime, check out their sonic schematics and the people who are building their own teenage symphonies to angst and affirmation.