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[Photo by Pamela Littky]

Fall Out Boy make their grand return with new single "Love From the Other Side"

This is not a drill! Fall Out Boy have finally returned to “save rock and roll” once again with their latest single, “Love From the Other Side,” the first new music from the beloved pop-punk titans since 2019. Additionally, the band have announced their long-awaited eighth studio album, So Much (For) Stardust (due out March 24 via Fueled By Ramen/Elektra), which follows 2018’s more experimental release, MANIA. 

After months of speculation, teasers, and subliminal messaging, “Love From the Other Side” sets the stage for the next era of Fall Out Boy. With the new single, the band hark back to the anthemic rock territory heard on the now-classic albums Infinity on High and Folie à Deux, albeit with a more modern and heavy guitar-driven sound. “Love From the Other Side” shows Fall Out Boy making up for lost time with razor-sharp hooks, inventive guitars, timely lyrics, and, of course, the otherworldly vocal prowess of frontman and guitarist Patrick Stump

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Much has changed in the world since the last time Fall Out Boy released new music, whether it’s the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, political transitions, or the continued threat of climate change. With “Love From the Other Side,” the band attempt to make sense of the rapidly changing social landscape with lyrics that capture the fear and uncertainty of modern life. In the song’s chorus, Stump directly states “And I’ve just about snapped/Don’t look back/Every lover’s got a little dagger in their hand.”

Watch the video for “Love From the Other Side,” as well as the cover art for So Much (For) Stardust, below. 

So Much (For) Stardust