Fall Out Boy have reached icon status—and how would they have possibly gotten there without the combined power of a Taurus, a Virgo and two Geminis? In case you were wondering what Fall Out Boy music video matches your own zodiac sign, just read on...

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ARIES - “Centuries”

Aries, we love you, but you’re always looking to fight. Which, honestly, understandable—anyone built with that much pent-up energy needs a release somehow. Much like the brave warrior bois of this video, you will never let yourself get beaten down.

TAURUS - “‘The Take Over, The Breaks Over’”

This is but a simple music video about the pursuit of happiness. Much like you, Taurus—whether it be kicking back with Netflix and chill, or, er, imagining yourself as a dog chasing after beautiful women dressed as cats...

GEMINI - “Dance, Dance”

Full of pizzazz and drama, this video was likely written, produced and performed by Geminis. (Well, at least for Pete Wentz: true.)

CANCER - “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy”

Cancer, you’re the OG Emo. Thus, we had to give you the most sentimental and loving—albeit creepy—video of the bunch.

LEO - “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs”

You knew that the infamous Kardashian kiss-slash-PETA scorning music video would be assigned to you. C’mon, it features product placement from both Nokia cellular phones and Tag body spray? OK, different time...

VIRGO - “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’”

Listen Virgo, you’re a tough one. Every Fall Out Boy music video is a whirl of chaos and disorganization—everything you hate. But, at least in the world of vampire hunters, the Fall Out Boys are doing their best to bring order and systems to being possessed. And the impeccable dance moves at the end? Virgos, you work your magic.

LIBRA - “The Phoenix”

OK, maybe the justice-loving Libra might not cut someone’s finger off in the pursuit of equality, but, uhh...maybe they would! Who knows?

SCORPIO - “I Don’t Care”

Ah yes, the chaotic evil of the signs. What would you be, if not the video that features nuns, Sidekicks and Joe Trohman exposing himself?

SAGITTARIUS - “Irresistible”

Sags are always looking for a good time with their buds, and all the FOB guys palling around playing a game of doofus basketball definitely fits the bill.

CAPRICORN - “The Last Of The Real Ones”

Full of mystery and moodiness, what else could Capricorn be but the llama-centric cut from MANIA? Though we really hope you don’t tape people up in the back of cars.

AQUARIUS - “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”

We get it, you’re the weirdo sign. Of course you will get this strange and unsettling video. But doesn’t every Aquarius identify with being the antlered youth?

PISCES - “What A Catch, Donnie”

Dramatic, tearful, full of subtext—just like you, Pisces! You may be full of emotion, but you’re also full of meaning.