Yes, it's true. Fall Out Boy are officially entering the culinary world and releasing their own signature tacos.

The limited-edition tacos are not only benefitting a non-profit, but the name FOB have decided to give the snack is truly a From Under The Cork Tree throwback.

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To celebrate National Taco Day, Fall Out Boy are launching their very own signature tacos. The tacos are described as “crispy corn shell filled with ground beef or shredded chicken, homemade queso, Cool Ranch Doritos [and] pico de gallo." They are also topped off with a "cilantro ranch crema drizzle."

Unfortunately, the delicious snack won't be available for everyone to try. Fall Out Boy's latest creation will be exclusively at Casa Vega in Los Angeles from Oct. 4 to Oct. 31. Pete Wentz and Casa Vega owner Christy Vega created the new tacos. As well, both dine-in and drive-thru options will be available for customers to try the FOB snack.

For this launch, Fall Out Boy are throwing it back and paying tribute to one of their popular songs. The tacos are called "Sugar, We’re Goin’ To Get Tacos," a clear reference to 2005's "Sugar, We're Goin' Down."

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As if having an excuse to eat Mexican food wasn't enough, Fall Out Boy's tacos are also benefitting a great charity. Part of the proceeds from sales is being donated to No Us Without You. The non-profit charity provides "food security to the most disenfranchised hospitality workers affected by the pandemic.”

In other Fall Out Boy news, the band recently joined Weezer for an episode of Celebrity Family Feud. Fall Out Boy played for the FOB Fund, an organization that raises money for gardening, food education, among other resources in Chicago. As well, the band were joined by actor and comedian Seth Green, while Weezer teamed up with Suzy Shinn for the game show.

Are you going to try Fall Out Boy's new tacos? Let us know in the comments below.