Fall Out Boy's legendary second album Under The Cork Tree is a bacchanal of killer hooks and lyrics. It also has more pop culture references than a month's worth of Jeopardy questions. To celebrate the record's 15th anniversary, we did a deep dive to unravel all of the strands of references at play.  The culture, the cameos and the characters are all here. Maybe.

Fall Out Boy's ability to weave references far and wide into the Cork Tree context is positively glorious. We could've done an entire video on the movie dialog references alone. (Spoiler alert: We uncovered most of them here.) We did get all the cameos, from Katy Perry's ex-boyfriend to that one dude who was in a Marilyn Manson video. There's champagne for their real friends as well as real pain for, ehhh... never mind.

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There was a lot of digging put into this video. (Definitely not as much as this one, but we're digressing here.) We ran our metaphorical magnifying glass across the Cork Tree cover art. What about the legend of Antler Boy? Whatever happened to noted computer hacker Marty Dressler, who ended up in that one episode of Law And Order?  At the end, we tie up this legendary chapter in Fall Out Boy history with a moment where friendship intersects with music history.

Under The Cork Tree is an undeniable  emo classic. Some of these songs should be played on classic-rock radio in the next five years. All of the Easter eggs surrounding this album only make it more legendary.  Let us know if there's anything we missed in the comments. There is one thing we didn't uncover. Who started the really long song title trend? Was that a British thing? Or was that definitely made in America?