Patrick Stump in a top hat is everything—especially when he's impersonating Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie. 

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Back in 2007, Fall Out Boy attempted to fool their Miami crowd by asking if they'd like the good news or the bad news first. The bad news was that bassist Pete Wentz had "broken his foot" and that the band would not be performing for the night, while the good news happened to be that their friends Panic! At The Disco would be filling in. 

Imagine the crowd's surprise when Fall Out Boy presented their Halloween costumes, mimicking the Vegas band's well-known attire. Stump dressed as the theatrical Urie, while Wentz was guitarist Ryan Ross, rocking some suspenders. Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman acted as Jon Walker, and drummer Andy Hurley's Spencer Smith was everyone's favorite outfit. 

Watch the performance below: