Fan Poll: 5 greatest blink-182 songs of all time

For over three decades, blink-182 has reigned as one of the best pop-punk bands of all time. From angsty anthems filled and nostalgic ballads to lyrics laced with potty humor, the band has crafted years’ worth of hits and memorable tracks while going through a handful of lineup changes.

Recently, however, the band’s classic lineup featuring bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Travis Barker reunited for “Edging,” their first single with DeLonge in 10 years. Last weekend the band played their first show together in nine years at Coachella.

With the band’s return, we asked fans to choose the best blink-182 song. Our readers told us what they really thought, and the top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

5. “Feeling This”

The rollicking anthem “Feeling This” was the song you couldn’t stop hearing back in 2003. It doled out the two sides of having sex—the excitement and the exhilaration as well as the anxiety. Plus, it came with one of the catchiest choruses: “Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer/ Place your hand in mine, I’ll leave when I wanna.”

4. “What’s My Age Again?”

It’s all in the title: “What’s My Age Again?” The Enema of the State track riffs on why a grown man always seems to act like a child. It’s pop-punk query about immaturity that remains insanely catchy to this day.

3. “Stay Together For The Kids”

This Take Off Your Pants and Jacket cut is one of blink-182’s darker cuts—a song about divorce from the perspective of a child. It’s remained one of the band’s most powerful anthems and one of the staples of their catalog.

2. “All The Small Things”

“All The Small Things” is one of blink-182’s catchiest hits. The Enema of the State hit, which talks a little less overtly about sex, is a power-pop love song. It remains a karaoke classic for a reason.

1. “Adam’s Song”

The No.1 blink-182 track fans voted for is “Adam’s Song.” One of the heaviest numbers the band has released, the song was inspired by Hoppus’s loneliness post-tour and a teen suicide note he had read. The song is so affecting because of the way it covers depression and ditches the noise and lets each verse breathe.