Like all genres, hardcore has gone through countless iterations over the years. From pioneers like Bad Brains to subgenre stalwarts like Converge and Alexisonfire, these artists have spawned everything from metalcore to more obscure subgenres. Their influence has been undeniable.

With so many hardcore acts to choose from, we asked our readers to choose the greatest hardcore bands of all time. The top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

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5. Alexisonfire

Formed in 2001, Canadian five-piece Alexisonfire crafted a blend of emo and post-hardcore that filtered into the mainstream. With five albums under their belt, including 2022's Otherness, the group has sustained a career for more than two decades and co-vocalist Dallas Green has even had success on his own with his solo project City and Colour.

4. Bad Brains
Formed in 1977, Bad Brains is largely known as pioneers of hardcore punk. The Washington D.C. outfit has remained pivotal in influencing everyone from the Beastie Boys to Guns N' Roses. Fusing funk and metal together, the group has undeniably broken barriers and created a lasting legacy within the genre.
3. Knocked Loose
Knocked Loose, which formed in 2013, fuses hardcore punk and metalcore into their music. With two albums and a slew of EPs under their belts, they're known for their brutal mosh pits. This year, they brought their mosh pits to Coachella.
 2. Underoath
Founded in the late '90s, Underoath remains one of the most iconic heavy acts out there. While the band has gone through several lineup changes and even a breakup in 2010, they've reinvented themselves time and again, remaining one of the most defining bands in metalcore.
Formed in 1994, HATEBREED was voted the No. 1 hardcore band by our readers. The group, which is a crossover between thrash metal and hardcore, has reigned in the scene ever since the release of their 1997 debut Satisfaction is the Death of Desire. Since then, their cult following has only grown.