There are few bands more beloved than Paramore. The trio has been at the center of the pop-punk scene for more than two decades thanks to their angsty anthems and bandleader Hayley Williams' towering vocals.(It should be noted that Williams was voted by fans as one the best pop-punk vocalists of all time, as well.) But Paramore has remained power players in the alternative space for how they've successfully been able to transcend genre and keep expanding their fanbase.

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Choosing a favorite song from a band who has done it all — emo, pop-punk, indie-pop, new-wave, psych-pop —obviously has its challenges. But we asked our readers to tell us what they really think. The top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

5. "Pool"

After Laughter proved to be one of Paramore's most genre-pushing records, and one of the fan-favorites that came from the record has been "Pool," a jangly pop anthem that evokes the euphoria of driving top-down in a convertible on the Pacific Coast Highway.

4. "Let The Flames Begin"

From their breakout album Riot!, "Let The Flames Begin" is a blistering rock anthem that marries a hardcore ethos with the band's penchant for pop-punk. It's fiery, vaguely threatening and has a soaring chorus that is the hallmark of the track.


3.  "Misery Business"

Paramore's breakthrough hit "Misery Business" remains a core part of their live shows that always results in an epic singalong. The Riot! track is a defiant banger that criticizes Williams' ex's new flame with a sticky-sweet chorus that makes it one of the best pop-punk songs of all time.

2. "The Only Exception"

"The Only Exception," a cut from Brand New Eyes, is a far-cry from "Misery Business," but the Paramore equally wistful and blissed out ballad is a true gem in the band's discography.

1. "Decode"

"Decode" not only became the defining song of the Twilight soundtrack, but one of the most defining tracks of Paramore's career. Steeped in enigma and dark rock melodies, the song is the fan-favorite pick for best Paramore song.