Since 1996, Sum 41 have been cutting their teeth as one of Canada's best pop-punk acts. With seven albums under their belt, the band has traversed everything from heavy hitters to pop-punk anthems. But after their nearly 30-year career, the band recently announced they'll be calling it quits following the release of their eighth studio album Heaven :x: Hell and their upcoming tour dates.

As we process that news, we asked fans to choose the best Sum 41 song. Our readers told us what they really thought, and the top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

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5. "Still Waiting"

Sum 41's second studio album proved that the band was just ramping up their career. "Still Waiting" fuses the heaviness of the band's sound with their signature adrenaline-charged pop-punk.

4. "We're All To Blame"

"We're All To Blame" is one of Sum 41's best headbangers, and it lands as a brilliant metal number that calls out corporate greed. Sum 41's heavier stuff is just as fun as their pop-punk fare.

3. "With Me"

Sum 41's "With Me" is a standout of the band's catalog but it's not a pop-punk track or a metal-tinged number; instead, it's more of an introspective power ballad that is a relatable, desperate plea to repair a relationship.

2. "In Too Deep"

"In Too Deep" remains a pop-punk odyssey and a pivotal part of Sum 41's history as a band. The song, which details being consumed by a relationship, remains an energetic number and fan-favorite.

1. "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)"

According to fans, the No. 1 best Sum 41 song  is the band's 2002 single "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)." The Does This Look Infected? single meditates on the regret and aftermath following a bender.