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Since their formation in 2004, Bring Me The Horizon have sought out evolution. The British outfit emerged from MySpace, launching their career with deathcore rippers, but in the years since, they’ve transcended those roots to become something far greater. By embracing stadium rock and pop, as well as dubstep, ambient, and drum-and-bass, the band have turned into an unstoppable force.

Now, Bring Me The Horizon are one of the most commercially successful rock bands — and among the biggest innovators in alternative music. It’s landed them headline slots at massive festivals like Reading and Leeds and resulted in Grammy nominations, all while they continue to rack up millions of streams. Along the way, they’ve shared unpredictable collaborations, including Halsey, BABYMETAL, and Lil Uzi Vert, that keep their die-hard fanbase on their toes.

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Naturally, we asked our readers what the best Bring Me The Horizon songs are of all time. From “Chelsea Smile” to “Sleepwalking,” find the top fan picks ranked below.

5. “Pray For Plagues”

“Pray For Plagues” is among Bring Me The Horizon’s heaviest openers. The scathing song from their 2006 debut studio album, Count Your Blessings, features a guttural performance by Oli Sykes that needs to be heard to be believed. Along with a gritty breakdown, the track is a ferocious reminder of how far the band have come. Their debut LP set the bar high for BMTH — and they’ve been raising the stakes ever since.

4. “Chelsea Smile”

“Chelsea Smile,” the neck-snapping lead single from 2008’s Suicide Season, possesses a sinister catchiness that only BMTH could pull off. Simply putting on the fan-favorite album highlight will take you back in time. Paired with a wild music video, which features the band causing mayhem at a house party, “Chelsea Smile” pushed away from their deathcore days while still sounding brutal.

3. “Drown”

With “Drown,” Bring Me The Horizon leaned further into alternative rock. Their 2015 album, and major-label debut, That’s The Spirit, was polarizing to fans who held their early sound close. Bring Me The Horizon, however, maintained an open mind, and the songs speak for themselves. “It’s a celebration of depression,” Sykes told AP in 2015. “A way of making light of it. That’s The Spirit — it’s quite a depressing phrase when you think about it — the sort of thing you only ever use when you know there’s no positive answer to the situation.” With lyrics that succumbed to despair (“What doesn’t destroy you/Leaves you broken instead/Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper”), the sentiment certainly rings true.

2. “Sleepwalking”

2013’s Sempiternal was a massive turning point for Bring Me The Horizon, and “Sleepwalking” proved that the band could get more melodic and poppy without losing any of the heaviness. The track is easily one of their most mellow songs and features an electronic influence, courtesy of Jordan Fish, that BMTH would expand upon in the years to come.

1. “Shadow Moses”

“Shadow Moses” is a landmark track that saw Bring Me The Horizon transcend their past and push toward something even greater. Featuring a pummeling breakdown, exciting gang vocals, and unrelenting rage, “Shadow Moses” is an anthemic screamer that led off BMTH’s new sound — and sports one of the most famous, and hilarious, misheard lyrics of all time among alternative crowds.