The Cure have remained one of the most beloved bands of the '80s. Not only did they embrace the alternative rock genre, but they subverted it, bringing their singular weirdness and hopeless romanticism to the masses. Traversing glam rock, new wave, post-punk and goth, the band, spearheaded by Robert Smith, is a forebear for so much of today's eccentric alt-rock outfits.

Last week, AP asked readers what their favorite songs from The Cure were, and the top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

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5. "Lovesong"

"Lovesong" is a hypnotic, euphoric piece of poetry from the band that is unabashedly romantic. The Disintegration track is not weighted down by metaphors, instead Smith is more straightforward than ever in showing his emotions.

4. "Lullaby"

One of The Cure's eerier songs, "Lullaby" features a funky melody flanked by plucked strings and channels the terror of depression with a haunted house-esque vibe. Instead of surrendering to love, this one is about giving into the darkness.

3. "Fascination Street"

As the lead single from Disintegration, "Fascination Street" is teeming with the rollicking dark energy of "Lullaby." But the jittery guitar work turns the song into a swirl of anxiety.

2. "Just Like Heaven"

The shimmery opening of "Just Like Heaven" remains unparalleled for a reason. Since its release in 1987, the track has remained one of the band's most iconic and celebrated songs, for its glistening guitar lines. Today, it lives on as a spellbinding love letter.

1. "Pictures of You"

Fans voted "Pictures of You" by The Cure No. 1. The sweeping emo-tinged track is all about lost love, longing, and regret — an epic from a band who wasn't afraid to be deeply vulnerable.