A recent study conducted by Ticketfly surveyed concert-going adults to find out just how much they’re using their phones at live events—and the results are depressing.

One of the survey’s biggest findings: 31 percent of adults ages 18-34 admit to using their phones during half or more of the show. Imagine how much higher this number is for teenagers?

40 percent of females 18-34 use their smartphones to take pictures at live events, compared to only 24 percent of males at the same age. Even more interesting, those same females are more likely to share the pictures on social media than their male counterparts (35 percent to 22 percent, respectively).

More interesting findings: 70 percent of smartphone owners 18-34 are using phones as their event ticket. 66 percent of smartphone owners are using their phones to buy food/beverages/merch at concerts.

But here’s the kicker: “In the Northeast, 5% of respondents reported that they are on their mobile devices the entire time they’re at a live event.” The entire time!

Read the full study here.