Song Of The Year is meant to be an anthem that our entire scene can rally around. Beautiful lyrics, catchy meodies and impecable musicianship are all factors, but what really matters is how fans connect to the music. We asked fans why APMAs Song Of The Year nominee "The Divine Zero" was their favorite. Find out what this Pierce The Veil song really means to them in the answers below.

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"The Divine Zero deals heavily with depression, self harm and suicidal thinking. These are all things that I know all too well. I've been suffering from depression for what seems my entire life, and to hear that someone else is going through what I'm going through helps a lot. Not just the surface level sadness but the depth of the despair. To hear that Vic has been 'counting the stars and scars' let's me know that I'm not the only guy in the world that struggles with self-harm. To hear him sing 'a million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile' is a great reminder of the support system that I have and all that they do to ensure that I'm doing well. It also gives me a reason to go on in life. 'Everything's riding on me tonight' is not only another good example of this, but it really illustrates the mindset a person has when they’re on the verge of making a decision fueled by their depression.  All in all, the song’s depiction of depression and the struggles that come with it resonates with me, and to know that someone like Vic Fuentes struggles with it and finds a way to go on inspires me to go on. I've even shown the song to friends and family to show them how I feel."

—@BadicalDude, Twitter

"Well, we all go through hard times, and some get pushed over the edge more than others. The line, ‘I come so close, my hopes are severed by the downside,’ makes me think of the depression I go through. Just when I feel that everything is going to be okay the darkness of depression drags me back into its hole. I am really thankful that Pierce the Veil wrote this song, because it lets me see that I am not the only one going through tough times, and that maybe there is some hope for me."

—@dnini09, Twitter

"Vic is just such a real and passionate lyricist. It’s personally easy to connect to this song. It’s like a lifetime story. I love it because I can personally connect with it. 'Desperate times and desperate measures, I come so close my hopes are severed by the downside. A million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile.' This reminds me of things in my own life, it helps me accept and move on. It has such a great beat to it. I believe every word he sings, and I love the guitars in it! PTV have helped me through so much. I’m so grateful for them. And so proud of all of them! Such amazing people."

—@BeautifulBandQ1, Twitter

"Whenever I hear this song I feel so much emotion. Anger. Sadness. Happiness. Whenever I hear it I lose myself and find myself singing along without even realizing. The song just envelops me with such a great feeling. I love it so much. Plus, Vic's voice is just bae in it, okay?”

—@justsomebritishllama, Tumblr

These responses were edited for length and clarity.