Everyone at this point knows that fast food is bad for them, but we still can’t pass the urge to indulge in some Doritos Locos tacos from Taco Bell or a beloved McDonald’s hash brown.  Whether you love it or hate it, fast food is a core element of American culture, and we should embrace it for what it is.

Because of the popularity, there are several items at various restaurants that have gained quite a lot of notoriety throughout the years and developed a personality of their own as menu items. With that being said, that means some of us, at least when it comes to our zodiac signs, tend to connect with a few fan favorites more than others. 

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We have determined the exact fast-food favorites that match up with each zodiac sign. You’ll probably either love or hate whichever item matches you, but regardless, we should all treat ourselves to junk food and cosmic knowledge for some fun every once in a while. 

Gemini – Frosty from Wendy’s

Geminis are known for their social qualities, and nothing is more social than hitting up Wendy’s to eat a quick Frosty with your friends. Much like Aries, it’s adaptable and opt to change but stays true to its roots of being a delicious classic that everyone loves no matter what. 

Capricorn – Big Mac from McDonald’s

Capricorns know what they want and have the tools to know how to get there, which is why the Big Mac has remained so popular on McDonald’s menu throughout the years. They mean business but know how to let loose when they have a much-deserved break. 

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Aquarius – Spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s 

Aquarius is always the cool guy. They know how to make an entrance while also remaining true to themselves, which is basically the essence of a Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget. Everyone loves them, but they’re still out of the box enough to remain interesting, much like these ever-elusive nuggets. 

Scorpio – Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell

The Crunchwrap Supreme is arguably the most powerful item on the menu. It always means business but doesn’t just make a lot of noise without delivering. It's the bark with the bite, affirming this item’s  fan-favorite status on the T Bell menu. 

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Libra – Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell

Cinnamon Twists offer just enough familiarity while also being the interesting guy everyone wants to talk to at a party, equivalent to a Libra. The side dish proves it’s much more than that by being artsy and having a creative edge but still being something no one’s scared to approach. 

Sagittarius – Whopper from Burger King 

The Whopper is like the guy who just won’t stop talking about himself at a party, which tends to be how Sag’s are when they have one too many to drink. They can be adventurous and open to new ideas, but they always return to their roots akin to this long-beloved Burger King menu item. 

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Aries – Chicken fries from Burger King

Aries are hotheads who tend to act on impulse and accept whatever consequences that follow, which has been the marketing technique behind this famous BK item. They’re trendy and exciting, which is what keeps us coming back every time Burger King decides to relaunch them yet again. Any Aries recognizes that they don’t always pick the right way of doing things, but they know people will still like them anyway, much like chicken fries. 

Taurus – Original chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC’s chicken recipe sticks to what it knows, closely resembling the Taurus motto of life. It’s very natural, or as much as fast food can be, which is why it’s connected to these earth-drawn signs. This sign might frustrate people with how set in their ways they are, but it’s why they always tend to stick around, like KFC’s classic recipe. 

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Virgo – Roast beef sandwich from Arby’s 

Virgos tend to hold back and reserve themselves. This sandwich knows it has a lot more potential, but someone told it that they liked it before, and ever since it’s stuck to what it knows. Virgos tend to get caught in a similar rut, but if they push to get out of it, they can come up with amazing results, much like adding Horsey sauce to this classic plate. 

Leo – Biscuit from Popeyes 

Leos can showboat, but they have soft and warm hearts, two words best used to describe a Popeyes biscuit. A biscuit, and a Leo, are the most-lovable guests at a party, which is why you can’t hate them for being so popular. 

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 Cancer – Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut

Cancer is one of the most stubborn signs, much like this pizza recipe that hasn’t aged in decades. This Pizza Hut recipe is conservative with things such as mixing the ingredients in the sauce or what it puts on top, but it’s a tried-and-true classic. You can’t help but love a Cancer, even if they need a bit of help like this pie. 

Pisces – Cookies from Subway

Pisces can never make up their mind, so it makes sense to classify them as a cookie with multiple possible toppings. They go with the flow like this recipe. Feeling raisins? It’s got you. Want to drown yourself in chocolate? This recipe also works for that. You can’t go wrong with a Subway cookie. It’s just having an identity crisis and needs some assistance.