In a new Fearless Vampire Killers vlog update, vocalist/guitarist Kier Kemp—while surrounded by squirrels and pigeons in a park—reveals that the band could be releasing new music as early as this summer. 

"There is almost certainly going to be some new music in the summer," Kemp says. "It's already been recorded, we've just got to put it out there, make it available to you guys. We don't know exactly when yet."


The band's sophomore album Unbreakable Hearts was released just last fall, and was a continuation of their debut full-length Militia Of The Lost. Both concept albums chronicle a section of the extensive history of fictional city Grandomina written by vocalist/guitarist Laurence Beveridge.

In recent interviews, however, the band have said their new material will be a departure from that world.  And from what we've heard at the AP HQ, it is certainly less metaphorical but by no stretch of the imagination less vivacious than the band's previous sonic offerings.