Band Friendship Goals
[Photo by: Sleep On It/Twitter]

In a scene where support and unity are so important, nothing makes us happier than seeing some of our favorite bands sharing their BFF moments with the world. Music creates a place where we feel safe and comfortable, allowing bands to connect with their fans through relatable lyrics and understanding while developing those friendships. So when bands not only support their fans but one another as well, we can’t help but think that they are true #FriendshipGoals.

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Check out some of our favorite BFF moments below!

1. Grayscale and Sleep On It

The day after APMAs Fan Day and what we were sure was a crazy night, Sleep On It seemed to express some genuine concern for their friends in Grayscale. The exchange of tweets between them was both entertaining and heartwarming.





2. ROAM and As It Is

When As It Is asked Trash Boat to be nice to their friends in Between You & Me, ROAM got a little bit jealous. The band were quick to fire back, with Trash Boat managing to throw a zinger in there.




3. Movements and Knocked Loose

Pat from Movements and Bryan from Knocked Loose are the true definition of BFF. We mean, just look at them.


4. Real Friends and Knuckle Puck

When Real Friends‘ Dan Lambton and Knuckle Puck‘s Joe Taylor came together for a children’s song, the end result was just as adorable as we had imagined it would be. The frontmen came together for the Sparrow Sleeps pop-punk children’s album Sparrow And Friends Start A Band!, collaborating on a song titled “Sharing Is Cool.” If this isn’t #FriendshipGoals, we don’t know what is.



Even fans can’t deny the Real Friends/Knuckle Puck bond.


5. Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil

Probably one of the most prominent bromance relationships come from PTV and SWS. It seems these two bands do everything from dinner dates to concert selfies together, making this one friendship we wish we could be part of.

All about that New Orleans food with @kellinquinn ! // �� by @grizzleemartin ������

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The homie @kellinquinn is all about the memories �� by @elmakias

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Bus hangs! @kellinquinn @ptvjaime ��������

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And apparently All Time Low have a similar wish…


Sang with these guys the other night! @alexalltimelow @jackalltimelow // �� by @thomasfalcone

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Speaking of All Time Low…

6. All Time Low

Very few friendship bonds are as iconic as Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth. Fans have been shipping Jalex since ATL’s early days and honestly, can you blame them? Everyone needs a Jack to their Alex.

If we’re being honest, the entire band are the definition of #FriendshipGoals.

7. Twenty One Pilots

You can’t make a friendship list and not include Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. This iconic duo have set the bar high in friendship expectations. We mean, did you see their handshake in “Nico And The Niners”?!

8. Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy

A friendship we grew up with, P!ATD and FOB have only strengthened their bond over their shared years of success. This bond between bands gives up hope that true friendships can indeed last in this crazy world. Remember when members from both bands combined to create an epic supergroup? GOALS.

One friend away from being able to play squads @dcd2records @brendonurie

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I've know this guy for a long time- so proud of him ??????

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9. ISSUES and Don Broco

Very few bands look like they’re having as much fun on tour as ISSUES and Don Broco. Don’t believe us? Just watch their Instagram stories and live vicariously through their tour bus parties. We can’t wait to watch this bond grow as these two bands head off on a U.K. tour together in early 2019!

10. Tonight Alive and PVRIS

The friendship between Tonight Alive‘s Jenna McDougall and PVRIS‘ Lynn Gunn completely melts our cold, emo hearts. Not only do they sound fantastic together (we still have “Disappear” on repeat), but the trust needed to let your BFF tattoo you is the ultimate basis for true friendship.

Is you ready for our creation?

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Which of your favorite bands are your ultimate #FriendshipGoals? Let us know in the comments below!

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