Phoenix-based screamo quintet Blessthefall are currently on a co-headlining tour with Escape The Fate through mid-October in support of their debut album His Last Walk, and we’ve asked them to document their expriences exclusively for readers. This is the fourth installment of their weekly tour diary; you can read week one here, week two here and week three here.

Hello HELLO! Welcome to Week 4 of the Blessthefall – Black On Black Tour Diary. Hopefully you enjoyed week 3, This week was eventful, lets get to it!


As soon as we arrived to Nebraska we hit up te nearby Dairy Queen.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH Off date numero uno:

The day was going by very very slow…. I sat in the van for hours with not a thing to do. Except this:

Yaaaaaaaaah. The show was awesome on the other hand. Thankfully Dance Gavin Dance made the trip out with us. We love them. Thanks for comin out everyone!

Dennys is a savior:


We love it here!!!!!!!! We got to the back room and started PSPing for awhile.

Then soon after doors opened, the intoxicating music of Dance Gavin Dance got us off our butts.

They ROCK! Same with Maris The Great:

The show was intense! SOLD OUT! Thanks for rockin with us!

Salt Lake


It was huge! The day was boring up until Dance Gavin got us in gambling mode:

MMMMM. Reno is tommorrow, better practice. The show was off the chain! Thanks for rockin everyone!


Off date numero dos! We never have visited Nevada, so had no idea what to expect. At the venue, we were led first into this room:

Dance pole, neon lights. We were kinda scared. Then they showed us the venue, it was tight:

ROCK. This picture was awesome. I want one:

Whats different with this painting? Dance Gavin got turtley:

WORD! The show rocked:

Thanks everyone!


Everyone was soooooooo tired from last night.

We stayed at Circus Circus!

When we arrived to the Boardwalk The Moose recieved a new friend:

Its love. We also got a bucket for erics poop filled with goodies!

Thanks! No more trash cans! I gotta remind everyone…….. GOTO HOT TOPIC AND GET YOUR EXCLUSIVE VINYL!


The show was awesome! We love you sacramentos!



Another one of our most favorite towns to play! Day off numero tres! Dance Gavin Dance and our new great AZ hometown friends Irish Front played
with us! As well as 5 other locals. It was a late night. The night before was Unearth and Darkest Hour!

DANG. The show was nuts. There was over 500 people slammed inside the small venue rockin the heck out.

Thanks to all you guys for making one of the best shows on tour! Serena rocks. Thanks to Dance Gavin Dance and Irish Front for rockin with us and being great friends and all the locals too. We cant wait to come back! Oh….and somehow this ended up in our trailer:

Kinda scary. I put it outside on the trailer and it was even more scary looking out the window seeing her stare back through the rain and fog.

Thankfully she fell off.


Thanks again for checkin out week 4 of BTFizzles tour diary! Head to our myspace blogs and let us know what ya thought! Check back next week for the last week! Cant wait to see ya at the shows!

<3 matt.blessthefall