While Twenty One Pilots has some pretty sick merch on their site, we have to hand it to all of the talented artists on Etsy for the amazing things they design.

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We've gathered 10 awesome items you can grab right now on Etsy—hurry up and get 'em before someone else does.

Let us know in the comments which one you want to buy.

Pins, $11.78

These pins are begging to be added to your denim jacket and make for a great conversation starter.

Flannel shirt, $18

Wear it or wrap it around your waist and you'll be sure to get a ton of compliments on this hand-painted flannel.

Notebook, $7.62

Maybe you'll actually pay attention in class if you have this sick notebook to write all your notes in—and yes, we totally support doodling lyrics.

Bracelet, $15

For those who love fashion and music, this bracelet is a great way to show your love for the band while completing your #OOTD

Customized Funko Pops!, $90

If you want something totally unique, these Funkos are freakin' amazing. We're already jealous of whoever buys them.

Stickers, $5

Stick 'em on your locker, phone or laptop for instant cool points.

Patches, $18

These patches can be added to a denim jacket or your backpack, the options are endless.

Embroidered shirt, $31.40

With tons of different shirt options, this Etsy store has every Twenty One Pilots lyric imaginable.

LED sign, $149.99

For the super fan, this LED sign will make your bedroom the place to hang.

Crochet doll, $20

You can grab one or both Tyler and Josh crochet dolls—so cute!