Earlier this month, Warped Tour threw a curveball at us when they had Linkin Park play a surprise performance at the Ventura, California, date. Not only were fans stoked, but band members who grew up listening to LP had the chance to perform alongside them. This got us thinking: What other big names could pull off a surprise performance at Warped Tour this summer? Here are 10 bands we'd like to see crash the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

1. Blink-182

Let’s start with the obvious: Blink-182 doing a surprise performance at Warped Tour would be like the return of a king to his rightful throne. The band haven’t played the tour since 2001, but are a definitive influence for most of the pop-punk bands on it today. It seems like every year, there’s a new rumor about Blink’s return to Warped, but until it actually happens, all we have is the namedrop in “The Rock Show.”

Song They Should Open With: “Dammit”


2. Panic! At The Disco

Can you believe this band have never played Warped? Come home to the mother ship, Brendon. Panic! are such a large and important band in the Warped scene (along with comrades like Paramore and Fall Out Boy), the fact that they haven’t played just makes it seem like someone fucked up. It’s just too easy to imagine Brendon Urie screaming, “If you love me, let me go!” from the main stage.

Song They Should Open With: “This Is Gospel”


3. My Chemical Romance

The last time My Chemical Romance played Warped Tour was 2005. Nearly 10 years later, the group have split and gone on to other projects like Electric Century and frnkiero and the Cellabration—but their fanbase remains ever-zealous. If MCR were to return (permanently or for one show), a surprise slot on Warped would be the perfect venue. The only downside would be consoling the MCR fans around the world who would inevitably miss the surprise gig.

Song They Should Open With: “Thank You For The Venom”


4. Sum 41

Aggressive pop-punk heroes Sum 41 last played Warped Tour in 2010 and had to scrap five dates after frontman Deryck Whibley was attacked during a visit to Japan. After that, things took a turn for the worst for Whibley. But after a recent hospital stay, the singer is now on the road to recovery from a chronic alcohol problem. What better way to began your comeback than to blitz fans with a surprise performance on Warped?

Song They Should Open With: “The Hell Song”


5. AFI

Few things would ignite the Warped Tour crowd more than Davey Havok unexpectedly running onstage and yelling his signature “oh!” If the goth-punk crusaders could play Coachella this year, surely they can drop in for a day of Warped Tour fun. The band haven’t partaken in the sometimes-sunny, sometimes-flooded tour since 2006, when they were at their commercial peak with Decemberunderground. It’s time for Havok to get his black parasol out again.

Song They Should Open With: “Girl’s Not Grey”


6. Foo Fighters

Everybody loves Foo Fighters. The band have never played Warped Tour, but if they stopped by for a surprise show, the group would definitely draw a colossal crowd. Not only would every frontman on the tour who looks up to Dave Grohl (and there are a lot) be rushing over to that stage, but pretty much everyone would say, “Foo Fighters, bro. Fucking Foo Fighters. Let’s go see the Foo Fighters. Fuck yeah, bro.”

Song They Should Open With: “Best Of You”


7. Slipknot

Another band who haven’t played Warped, Slipknot can probably claim a large part of the tour’s audience as listeners. There are definitely a lot of closet maggots both onstage and in the audience. Corey Taylor & Co. bringing their intense live show to a Warped stage would certainly be an interesting test of human ingenuity and physical endurance.

Song They Should Open With: “Wait And Bleed”


8. Skrillex

EDM-influenced acts like Breathe Carolina continue to be a massive hit on Warped Tour. It only makes sense: Kids like to take a break from all the moshing and the feels for some amped-up dancing. Sonny Moore popping in would be both huge and appropriate. The DJ played the tour a couple times when he was fronting From First To Last and even played the Kevin Says Stage once during his early days as Skrillex in 2010.

Song He Should Open With: “My Name Is Skrillex”


9. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy haven’t played Warped Tour since 2005, but would still be welcomed as royalty nonetheless. Up there with Blink-182, FOB’s return to the tour is one of the most desired, so a surprise set by the band would be talked about for a long time.

Song They Should Open With: “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” (at the Chicago Warped Tour date)


10. Brand New

It’s been more than 10 years since Brand New played the tour, and they’ve only grown more revered and worshiped since. Seeing as the group are probably getting ready to pull a Beyoncé on us at any moment and drop a new album with no warning (or so we hope), they should stop by Warped for a surprise gig. People would absolutely lose their minds.

Song They Should Open With: “Sowing Season”