Corsets-Red & Black Buckle Corset from Hot Topic

For the goth chick, these tops weren't reserved for the yearly Renaissance fair. They hugged your body just right to show off (and push up) your curves. Corsets gave the dark side an even sexier edge.

Tripps-Black & White Super Skull Chain Zip-Off Pants from Hot Topic

It was kind of an unspoken rule that the goth guy wore Tripp pants. If there was one way to identify a goth kid, it was by his Tripps. These bulky, baggy, black (and sometimes neon) pants had everything from straps to chains to an absurd amount of pockets.

Spiked Collars & Cuffs-Black Spike Bracelet from Hot Topic

If there’s one stereotypical image that’s been used over and over when it comes to goth kids, it’s the spiked dog collar. Spiked arm cuffs were part of that whole scene, too, but the collar was for those who were truly dedicated. If you wore that, you probably scared some people. I know I did…

Arm Warmers-Black and White Striped Arm Warmers from Polyvore

Whenever you slipped these on you felt like you were suiting up for battle—aka high school. Whether they were striped or buckled or laced, you probably had multiple pairs and you probably always got asked what the hell they were even for.

Fishnets-Black 1″ Diamond Fishnet Tights from Hot Topic

Fishnet material could be used for anything. If you were goth growing up, you had fishnet stockings, fishnet shirts, fishnet gloves, and yes, fishnet arm warmers. The problem with fishnets was they had a tendency to stretch out and lose their elasticity, turning their small holes into bigger ones.