You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one, concise list. In response, we want to hear your favorite. Let us know what track you’ll be spinning for the rest of the weekend in the comments!

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Blood Youth – “Making Waves”

Blood Youth perfectly intertwine melody and hardcore, seen in their new single, “Making Waves.” It comes from the U.K. band’s forthcoming debut album, Beyond Repair, set to release April 7 via Rude Records.

Daisyhead – “Don’t Feel Bad”

Suffering from member changes, Daisyhead almost broke up after their debut album. Fortunately, the No Sleep Records band made it through, sophomore record in hand. “Don’t Feel Bad” is the first taste of In Case You Missed It, which releases April 28.

A Will Away – “Something Special”

A Will Away released Here Again, their newest record, on Friday. An endearingly soft moment for the band, “Something Special” ends the album.

No Vacation – “Mind Fields”

No Vacation have created the dream-pop track you needed this weekend. Having broken up at the end of 2015, the band returned with this new single and a signing to Topshelf Records this week.

Future Thieves – “Sucker”

Future Thieves are a Nashville-based band blasting out the smoothest damn alt-rock tunes. “Sucker” debuted this week, and it needs to be played with the windows down.

Our Hollow, Our Home – “Loneshark”

Our Hollow, Our Home are an independent metal band from the U.K. quickly on the rise. The band’s debut released this past Friday, and “Loneshark” opens the album after the intro.

Like A Storm – “Pure Evil”

”Pure Evil” was New Zealand-based Like A Storm’s fifth consecutive single to break into U.S. rock radio and displays the band’s hard rock/metal sensibilities. It’s the first single from their forthcoming album, Catacombs. 

Within The Ruins – “Objective Reality”

From Massachusetts-based Within The Ruins, “Objective Reality” comes with a music video as cosmic as its name. The metal band released their new album, Halfway Human, on Friday.

Enaya – “Chance To Change”

Enaya are a brand new band combining heavy instrumentation with catchy alt vocals. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band’s newest release is “Chance To Change.”

The Tossers – “Erin Go Bragh”

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, the Tossers’ released their new album, Smash The Windows Friday. “Erin Go Bragh” opens the Celtic-punks’ record.