Pop-punk sensation State Champs have taken the scene by storm, producing hit after hit and putting on some of the most mosh-worthy shows out there. The combination of Derek’s wailing vocals, Tyler and Tony’s gnarly guitar riffs, Ryan’s sick basslines and Evan’s killer drum beats have come to create some of the biggest bangers in the scene with choruses you simply can’t get out of your head.

We’ve narrowed this long list of jams down to 10 State Champs songs with the catchiest choruses. Check out the list below!

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1. “So tell my why can’t you see, this is where you need to be, you know it’s taken its toll on me, so I’ll hope for a miracle, I’ll hope for a miracle”

One of the most popular songs amongst fans, “Elevated” contains the type of chorus you can’t help but scream along to in the car with your windows down.

2. “Oh no, I’m mixing up my words again, who knows when I’ll make a move, but she comes and she goes and she does what she’s told, it’s bittersweet, but it’s enough for me”

Maybe it’s the guitar riff leading up to the chorus combined with Derek’s vocals, or the way the lyrics give us all the feels. Either way, “Perfect Score” is one banger we can’t get out of our heads.

3. “You haven’t seen anything yet, I walked on rooftops just to scream this out to you, make sure you don’t forget, I live on the east coast baby, my heart is cold, but lately I’ve been warming up no thanks to you”

An oldie but a goodie! “Rooftops” comes from State Champs’ 2011 release Apparently, I’m Nothing, but contains lyrics you’ll continue to jam loud enough for your ex to hear to this very day.

4. “I’ve got more secrets than you’ll ever know, another year and you won’t let it go, too many times I’ve told myself to hold on, but it’s too late for me, now I’m as good as gone”

“Secrets” does a fantastic job at building you up just before the chorus. Who can scream “on the floor” and NOT sing along to the chorus right after? Not us.

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5. “I’ve had enough of all the talk on how you’re saving me, talk like you’re self-assured but all you are is history, speak slow I want you to know that, I’m a realist and an optimist, but I swear to you I’m not getting over this”

Tight drum fills, slick hooks and grungy vocals make this chorus one for the books. “All You Are Is History” is one of those catchy break-up songs that will have you over your ex in no time.