Sure, everyone loves repping a band tee. But when it comes to merch, the opportunities are endless. We tracked down the best stickers for you to tack on your laptop, car, notebooks, etc. so you can share your love for the scene.

Start a riot

This sticker shows off a killer black manicure and pays tribute to Paramore’s Riot!. What’s not to love?

It's still rough…

There’s nothing like a My Chemical Romance sticker to best explain that you’re still not okay.

Fall Out Boy understands

This sticker says it as it is: heavy metal is a heartbreaker.

Let's get creepy

Let’s be real: We like to keep it creepy.

Take it to the grave

It’s about time to rep an Alkaline Trio-inspired sticker. Although you may end up repeating over and over what it really means.

Save pop punk

Pop punk and pizza just go together—why not get a sticker that supports your two favorite things?

Part of the Clique

With their Emotional Roadshow tour kicking off, it’s a perfect time to show off your Clique status with a killer Twenty One Pilots sticker.

Those aren't the lyrics?

Who thought these were the actual lyrics at one point?

Don't panic at the disco

It’s true. We might not ever panic at a disco. But we sure have panicked over P!ATD.

Well, it's true

Because this really says it all…

Which stickers are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!