When you’ve gained fame as a musician, why not bring it to the TV screen? Plenty of musicians have gone on to be guests in different TV shows, just for the heck of it. Others have played major roles. Here are some of those appearances, big and small, of your favorite musicians.

Brendon Urie: Good Cops
Good Cops is a goofy short web series that makes fun of cop shows with plenty of aviator sunglasses and cheesy moustaches to spare. And both Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith of Panic! At The Disco have appeared in minor roles as cops. Plus, Sarah Urie (Brendon’s wife) also appears as a character called “Crow Ninja” in one ridiculous episode.


Pete Wentz: Robot Chicken, Friends With Benefits, School Of Rock, CSI:NY, etc.
Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz is pretty much a TV show regular. He’s appeared in the show Friends with Benefits as the bad-boy ex-boyfriend, in Robot Chicken as the Tin Man and as Chester Byron in CSI: NY. That’s not even a full list of his TV show appearances. Basically, Pete Wentz = fame.


Prince: New Girl
There is no better episode of New Girl than the Prince episode of New Girl.


Andy Biersack: Average Joe
Andy Biersack is a producer in Average Joe, so of course the web series has also brought on other people in the music industry like Danny Worsnop, John Feldmann and Juliet Simms as guests. But no one beats Biersack when it comes to appearances; he’s showed up in a whopping 18 episodes, which is more than any other guest.


Mark Hoppus: Those Who Can’t, Haunted, MADtv, CollegeHumor Originals
Many people know about Hoppus’s appearance in American Pie as a member of a garage band, but he’s also showed up on a few TV shows, too. Check out the episode of MADtv that brought on all members of Blink-182 for a sketch.


Tyson Ritter: House, 90210, Betas, Parenthood, Wicked City
Tyson Ritter, the singer of The All-American Rejects, has also been a model and an actor in his years. Who could forget his role as the snobby Oliver Rome in Parenthood? Here he is in House.


Tim Armstrong: South Park, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The X-Files
Rancid’s Tim Armstrong has been in a total range of TV shows, from the kids show Yo Gabba Gabba! to the adult cartoon South Park. He also played a more major role in an episode of The X-Files as Trashman, an artist character.


Billy Joe Armstrong: Nurse Jackie, Haunted, King Of The Hill
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has had his fair share of appearances on TV. Check out this scene from Nurse Jackie.


Dave Grohl: The Muppets, Drunk History, Metalocalypse, The X-Files
It’s Dave Grohl; of course he has appeared in TV shows. His greatest appearance was perhaps in The Muppets, where he performs with the talking creatures.


Joel Madden: Empire, The Voice
Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden made a short appearance on an episode of Empire. Plus, he was a judge on The Voice with his brother Benji. You know, no big deal or anything.