The 2015 Vans Warped tour darkened its tan in San Antonio, Texas. The day was like any other, fans were bouncing between stages like bumper bowling, sweating out six waters and eating out of a truck in pave paradise. Through the madness, we wrangled up 10 sights you'll only see inside the festival gates this summer.


1. Carpooling. That grassy $15 parking spot will bite you. Who drives to Warped alone? Certainly not the young man riding on the roof of this truck.


2. The hard sell. Take bottled water, for example. It's even pushed when you're pitting. Can somebody please give Vendor #74 a medal of honor?


3. Riff Raff's custom inflatable donut tube. Rap money can do wonders. Below it, you'll find his self-described “neon boutique.”


4. Giant beer pong. Courtesy of festive metalcore act Attila, obviously. Merch was offered to any fans that could sink a cup. The merch was safe, however, as no one succeeded.


5. Sunbrellas. As a New Yorker in Texas, this was a phenomenon only before seen at a nursing home. Work it, girl.


6. Monster Tour Water. This band-and-crew-exclusive appears to be the popular energy tonic from afar, but unsuspecting bands soon discover it is just boring old water


7. A dollar and a dream. Rumor has it you have to make it through a LMFAO video, though.


8. Beer tents with no line. Usually the busy oasis of a blazing hot music festival, Bud Light's area was barren thanks to the underage masses at Warped.


9. Take cover. This tuckered out fella made like Bear Grylls and found himself the perfect Warped nap spot


10. Guys who think they're Spider-Man. This would be Emarosa's Bradley Walden “healing” an already-rolled ankle.