Every Bridge Burned – Aun Aprendo (2007)

Every Bridge Burned’s breed of riff-heavy metalcore was ahead of its time. If their sole full-length, Aun Aprendo, came out in 2010 or 2011—instead of 2007—there would be a far greater chance of you’d already being aware of their existence. Unfortunately, the record seemed to have gotten lost in the scene’s shuffle following its release. Thankfully, we are still able to enjoy this hidden gem. —Tyler Sharp


Ever We Fall – Endura (2004)

Ever We Fall's debut EP is an incredibly solid affair. With little to no screaming, the band used unique vocals and layers of instrumentation that brought bands like Thursday and Glassjaw to mind more so than anything their labelmates were creating at the time. To this day, Endura remains as one of Rise's more intriguing ventures that still maintains its quality and distinction. —Brian Leak


Paint By Numbers – Plastic (2005)

Portland natives Paint By Numbers released one full-length album with Rise Records: 2005’s Plastic. Heavy on the indie-emo goodness, it’s probably not the sound that comes to mind when you think of the Rise label. Nevertheless, it worked—very well, in fact. Perhaps they were a little late to the Acceptance-Mae-Juliana Theory party, but at the very least, it’s a highly recommended document of  that era. —Tyler Sharp


Tides Of Man – Empire Theory (2009)

Our first full-length experience with the great Tides Of Man, yet an introductory LP that if still spinning for listeners 13 months later, was quickly overshadowed by another excellent effort in 2010's Dreamhouse. Empire Theory, though, offers a less-polished sound, a gritty charm with drawn-out, post-rock-influenced slow-burners that feel organic and exciting in their experimentation. There's all that, and then there's Tilian Pearson of course, so you've got a winning formula, one that still works wonderfully over half a decade later. —Brian Leak


Take The Crown – Relapse React (2008)

Before Beau Bokan began fronting Blessthefall, he sang in the electronic post-hardcore group, Take The Crown. Their 2008 album, Relapse React, remains a surprisingly unknown release. Listen above and get a glimpse into Bokan’s pre-Blessthefall musical offerings. —Tyler Sharp