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You can find pretty much anything you need on Amazon, and if you have Prime, you can have it in your hands in two days. What you can also find on Amazon is absolutely everything you don't need. 

Turns out, that market extends to band merch. Here are 10 of the strangest items we dug out of the Amazon void.

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1. A very emo Paramore onesie

I suppose if you really wanted to show off your love for Paramore, your literal infant could serve as a walking (crawling?) advertisement. 

2. This pink Slipknot thong

Unless you're walking around in your underwear or trying impress a metalhead in bed, this band merch will just serve as a personal reminder that you're a Slipknot fan.

3. A Panic! pill box

This one is way, way too specific. Also, it's not even current—this shot is from Vices And Virtues era Panic! At The Disco. Not that we're complaining—we're all for showing Panic! love while popping a multivitamin.

4. This twenty one pilots lunchbox

This will either make you the coolest kid in junior high or the most emo employee at your nine-to-five. Or both. 

5. A Pierce The Veil-inspired seatbelt

Now you can look like you're on a plane to Warped Tour at all times. Honestly, the logo motif on the buckle is kinda snazzy.

6. This Blink-182 LED bar sign

I only want to go to bars with classic pop punk neon signage.

7. Got Avril?

This is so funny to me, especially because there's no other indication on the mug that the item refers to Avril Lavigne. Also, why a mug?!

8. These Fall Out Boy figurines

We're sure these were a collector's item for many, which is why they're probably selling for a pretty penny on Amazon. Want a set of your own? You'll be out $300. 

9. Tyler Joseph's kimono

If you've spent any time at a twenty one pilots show, you've probably seen a few people roaming around in Joseph's classic kimono. That's probably why this extremely basic one has 627 reviews.

Here's the kimono in action:

10. A My Chemical Romance sleep mask

Drift off to sleep under this weirdly specific mask. Maybe in your dreams they didn't break up.

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