Live music is a powerful thing—we don’t need to tell you that. The feeling of melting together with a seemingly infinite crowd of bodies while jamming along to the same tunes is nothing short of religious. Yet, somehow stripping away the lights, the huge crowd, the drums and the electric physical feel of amplification can be just as—if not more—powerful. The organic intimacy of acoustic sessions can pull at the heartstrings like no distortion pedal ever will.

Check out these videos from some of our favorite artists, proving that you don’t need electricity to have fun.

Let Being As An Ocean serenade you with “Dissolve” in this Journeys Live Exclusive.

Watch a soulful rendition of “Hurricane” by Thrice for APTV.

Check out Boston Manor laying down “Fossa” at their hometown HMV in Blackpool on the release day for  Be Nothing.

Here’s Seaway playing “Still Weird” for Punktastic in Cardiff, Wales.

Laura Jane Grace kicks ass in this APTV Acoustic Session with “True Trans Soul Rebel.”

Broadside play “Coffee Talk” and “Come & Go” in Toronto, Ontario, for Exclaim!

Brian Sella of the Front Bottoms has some fun with “Help” and “Au Revoir” at an 94.9FM-sponsored performance from Coachella.

Another one from Exclaim! Alan and Dan of Four Year Strong beautifully sing “One Step At A Time” in Toronto’s Tiny Record Shop.

Taking quite the step away from their typically electrifying performances, here’s Monster Truck ripping an acoustic version of “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” outdoors for APTV’s Zippo Encore Sessions.

Neck Deep play fan-favorite “Gold Steps” for Hot Topic’s Hot Sessions.

And last but certainly not least, a little Taking Back Sunday on APTV playing “Flicker, Fade.”