While a few bands are still sticking to the old-school format, cassette tapes as an audio format have mostly been left in the dust. But instead of leaving them to unravel, try repurposing them with one of these 11 craft projects.


1. Earrings

Courtesy etsy.com Pinterest

One cassette tape makes a pair of retro earrings, which means they're probably one of the cheapest forms of jewelry to make. Want to save money on gifts? Just give these to all your hipster friends.


2. Box

Courtesy Upcycle That Pinterest

The cassette box pictured is pretty small; it's just enough space for a few pencils. But there are endless variations on the box shape and size; depending on how many cassettes you have, you could make a box as large as a milk crate. And who wouldn't want a cassette crate?


3. Bow

Courtesy Natalie, Creme De La Craft Pinterest

These little tape bows can be wrapped around presents for your music-loving friends!


4. Crochet

Courtesy blog.craftzine.com Pinterest

Here, the possibilities are truly endless. Just unravel the tape into a ball of plastic yarn and crochet away! Crochet ideas include a fancy doily, a little bowl or even a small stuffed animal.


5. Night Light

Courtesy etsy.com Pinterest

It’s okay to be afraid of the dark. But maybe this colorful night light will help!


6. Purse/Handbag

Courtesy weupcycle.com Pinterest

This handbag is made out of a bunch of cassette tapes, two pairs of old headphones and a bunch of zip-ties. Upcycling at its finest.


7. Chair

Courtesy etsy.com Pinterest

This is probably the coolest chair in the world, for the coolest crafter in the world. It might not be too comfortable, but who cares?


8. Cassette Tape canvas

Courtesy trendhunter.com Pinterest

Art, painted on art. This cassette tape canvas is the next big statement, and makes for a cool background design behind whatever you’re painting.


9. Lampshade

Courtesy scraphacker.com Pinterest

This would be a better project for clear cassette tapes versus opaque ones. Just check out the awesome, musical glow on these cassette lampshades.


10. Coin purse/Wallet

Courtesy etsy.com Pinterest

This involves cracking open a cassette and taking out its insides, but the result is a handy little wallet you can use wherever you go.


11. Cassette Tape notebook/book

Courtesy Top Dreamer Pinterest

Have you ever needed somewhere to write down your favorite lyrics? This cassette book has you covered.