They might just be small pieces of paper, but concert tickets can hold a whole lot more sentimental value than that. Instead of throwing them out them day after a show, here are a handful of craft ideas to bring your musical memories back to life. Time to get crafty.


1. Table

Courtesy Decozilla Pinterest

This particular table involves saving a bass drum for the actual table stand. But if you don’t just have a drum lying around, get creative. Stick the tickets under a pane of glass on a coffee table and BAM—you’ve got a concert ticket table.


2. Wall Art

Courtesy Kyla Roma Pinterest

There are endless variations to ticket wall art. You just need an empty picture frame, tickets and a creative mind. You do you.


3. Hanging Wall Art

Courtesy Jaclyn Touchstone Pinterest

Here’s another take on ticket wall art – just get some clothespins and hang your tickets from a piece of string. It’s much easier to change out those tickets on display, if you’ve got a lot you want to show off.


4. Collage

Courtesy Gill Faragher Pinterest

The pictured collage is made out of train tickets, but why the heck not do it with concert tickets too? This takes more dedication, and that shows in the result.


5. Ticket album

Courtesy Squidoo Pinterest

This is basically a family album, but instead of seeing pictures of your boring cousins, you get to see paper reminders of your concert fams you’ve built over the years.


6. Gift box

Courtesy Heidi (Happiness Is Homemade) Pinterest

This was made with raffle tickets. But anything is possible. Be creative. Grab some glue. Grab your tickets. You can do this.


7. Origami shapes

Courtesy Ryan B. Malm Instagram

Why not make 3D shapes out of your 2D paper tickets? It’s basically magic.


8. Origami hearts

Courtesy Kate Johnson Pinterest

Show where your true love is, and make these cute origami hearts out of your beloved ticket stubs instead of cheesy patterned paper.


9. Origami cranes

Courtesy Etsy Pinterest

When it comes to origami, this is a classic. Cranes can be strung up and hung all around your room too, in a festive display of your inner craftiness.


10. Just do whatever origami you’re feeling

Courtesy blog gaborit-d Pinterest

This person made “Star Wars” figurines. Feel free to dream big.


11. Seriously, get crazy

Courtesy The Independent Pinterest

Pick your favorite musician and make the ultimate shrine to them: a concert ticket figurine. This person made carefully detailed One Direction figurines out of One Direction concert tickets. That’s dedication.