There’s no denying the satisfaction of listening to a record spinning on a turntable, but occasionally a once-smooth track becomes riddled with scratches and warping. Maybe it already was messed up when you picked it up for a buck at the thrift store, or maybe a clumsy friend bumped the turntable needle on accident and destroyed your favorite song.

Those poor souls deserve a new life. Why not get crafty and express your love of music in another way? Here are 12 ways you can recycle those old records and turn them into something new.


1. Record Bowl

Courtesy Renee H. Pinterest

The record bowl is probably the most well-known vinyl craft, and possibly the easiest. You just put the record over a heat-safe dish in the oven for a few seconds, and before you know it, the edges have folded down into swirly, unique edges of a new bowl.


2. Record Book

Courtesy Megan @ homemadeginger Pinterest

A little more complicated, but the record journal is a thing of beauty. Who wouldn’t want to write their deepest, darkest secrets down between their favorite songs?


3. Cupcake Stand

Courtesy The Land of Nod Pinterest

The vinyl record cupcake display is a practical and useful tool for the baker in your life. And if it gives your friend an excuse to make more cupcakes—who wouldn’t be happy?


4. Record shelves

Courtesy Viralnova Pinterest

Instead of stacking your magazines on a table, organize them neatly with these unique wall shelves made out of folded vinyl.


5. Record cuff

Courtesy Uncommon Goods Pinterest

Making jewelry out of old records might take a little more elbow grease than some of these other projects, but it’s all worth it in the end with this badass record cuff. Show off your taste—both in music and fashion—by wearing it.


6. Roses

Courtesy Pinterest

We don’t know how the crafter did this, but we’re willing to experiment until we get vinyl record roses as beautiful as these.


7. Clock

Courtesy Pinterest

Just a mechanical clock piece, a few guitar picks, a vinyl record, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a record clock.


8. Earrings

Courtesy Pinterest

Instead of listening to music through your ears, show it off on your ears. These simple earrings are pretty elegant, but it’d be easy to come up with your own design to cut out.


9. Handbag

Courtesy ReFab Diaries, Candice C. Pinterest

Talk about useful; now you can use your old music to carry your new music. A record handbag is the next big fashion statement. Your friends will be jealous.


10. Necklace

Courtesy Pinterest

This necklace is just a simple triangle cut out of a record, but like the earrings, the design is open to endless variations.


11. Guitar picks

Courtesy Pinterest

You’re using music to make new music. Record guitar picks are the most badass repurposing of a vinyl record ever in the history of the world.