There’s the spooky side of Halloween, and then there’s the spoopy side of Halloween. Instead of getting scared at haunted houses or celebrating with family wholesomeness, these things break away into the world of memes.

Here are the precious parts of the holiday that show ultimate derpiness:


1. The word “spoopy”

It may have just been a typo on a dollar store decoration, but it’s become an internet legend, and an integral part to the holiday. 2 SPOOPY.


2. This beautiful video

This is probably the most important video to have ever surfaced the depths of YouTube.


3. Unhappy babies in costume

[Photo by Flickr user Kelly Sue DeConnick is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Sharealike Generic]

Their brains aren’t even fully developed, but they know they look ridiculous when they’re dressed up like vegetables.


4. This skeleton blowing a trumpet.

Doot doot!


5. This guy who gave trick-or-treaters random stuff from his house

Honestly though, some of this stuff would be great. Ranch? Pickles? These are staples. Much better than a tiny pair of Starbursts.


6. This cat

Was a better costume ever created?