From Hayley Williams-branded hair dye to some of the finest color coordination we’ve seen since My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, here are 11 things Twenty One Pilots have taught us about looking great (without looking try-hard).

 Wild hair colors, courtesy of Hayley Williams

“I think it's awesome that you're a dude that dyes your hair and you're a dude that dyes your hair pink,” says Hayley Williams to drummer Josh Dun on set of her goodDYEyoung photoshoot. Josh replies, “I think it’s important to wear what you want or color your hair the way that you want; it’s just cool to express yourself.” And then we swoon.

Matching your hat to your socks

Vocalist and bassist Tyler Joseph has taught us a whole lot about detailing—like always being sure to match your hat to your socks. So when everyone thinks you’re just rocking another head-to-toe black outfit, you can surprise them with a flash of red.

 Bold eye makeup


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Instead of keeping the colour heavy on the lids, Josh smudges the crayon way down below his lash line, making the kind of statement that even Gerard Way would be proud of.

Make statement sunglasses your friend

Who needs boring Aviators when you can step out in some statement shades, à la Tyler? As seen in Twenty One Pilots’ “Ride” video, this white-rimmed pair have become the singer’s stylish go-to.

If in doubt, choose skeleton prints

You know those mornings when you’re rifling through your wardrobe and suddenly no band T-shirt will do? Well, TOP have a solution for that and it comes in the form of matching skeleton hoodies. Problem solved.

Floral prints are your friend

This is for the days when your skeleton hoodie is in the wash… Instead, make like Tyler and layer a cute floral shirt over your favourite black skinny jeans and plain T-shirt.

Then borrow the look from your friend


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Josh is obviously a lover of the flower print too, having sported a similar look while on tour.

Keep things casual when bowling


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We’re guessing those ripped knees are actually the result of Josh’s sweet bowling skills…

Choose your accessories wisely

As Tyler told us previously, there’s a distinct reason the band wear red armbands: “The more and more I got to know the character Blurryface, the more I realized that the color blue was not a part of who he was. And because of that, red represents him on this record.”

Stock up on body paint

If you’ve ever been to a Twenty One Pilots show, you’ll know it’s pretty commonplace to slather your hands and neck in paint, just like Tyler.

Finally, always coordinate with your BFF

Aw, will you just look at them!