6. Planking was a thing

Ah, internet memes. Planking was one of Time magazine’s buzzwords of the year, and let’s be real: you more than likely have a planking photo (or three).

7. Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson divorce

Let’s leave the drama in 2011. Though they’re no longer together, at least the couple has Bronx. And we are forever grateful for those Pete Wentz peak dad moments.

8. Good Charlotte announced their hiatus

The guys in Good Charlotte announced a hiatus on Sep. 1, 2011. It might have been hard at the time, but knowing that 2016 will be giving us new Good Charlotte makes us forget how hard this 2011 announcement might have been.

9. AWOLNATION released “Sail”

Though this song didn’t reach peak popularity in 2013, the band’s hit was released on the 2011 Megalithic Symphony.

10. Patrick Stump released his solo album

Fall Out Boy announced a hiatus in 2009, and in 2010 Patrick Stump said he was preparing a solo album. Soul Punk was released Oct. 18, 2011, and though it is a very different sound from the Fall Out Boy we’re used to hearing, we still kind of dig it.

11. We Are The In Crowd released their first full-length

We Are The In Crowd formed in 2009, but they released their first full-length album, Best Intentions, on Oct. 4, 2011. Hits like “Rumor Mill” came out that year, and though they announced a hiatus this year, they promised they’d “BRB,” and we’re holding them to it.