Heavy music is heavy music—don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Regardless of if you prefer Asking Alexandria’s Stand Up And Scream or Trapped Under Ice’s Big Kiss Goodnight, both of those records (and bands) were founded within the same counter-culture movement. There’s no denying that.

Hardcore is a descendent of punk and metal, which makes it a relative of metalcore, and yet, at times, the two genre’s fanbases couldn’t be more against each other. 

It is absolutely okay to not like a band, but tearing someone else down because they feel differently is not. Genre elitism needs to stop. Want to take a step toward the unity heavy music deserves? Here are 12 hardcore songs any metalcore fan will like.


Trash Talk – “Awake”


Joy – “Switchblade Teeth”

Knocked Loose – “All My Friends”


Code Orange – “I Am King”


Rebuker – “Death & Taxes”


Dwell – “Nomad”


Power Trip – “Manifest Decimation”


Expire – “Forgetting”



Axis – “Graze The Fire”


Advent – “Golgotha”


Kublai Khan – “Ghost Pains”


Twitching Tongues – “World War V”