TBD via Nuclear Blast

Opeth’s career has been jam-packed with twists and turns. From their progressive death metal roots in the 90s and early 2000s, they have navigated through beautifully haunting clean tracks on Damnation, Deep Purple-style death metal on Ghost Reveries, and even straight up progressive rock on their last two records without so much as even appearing to break their quality streak.

So what the hell is Sorceress going to be? Who knows, but we’re pretty sure it’ll rule. (GK)

Pig Destroyer —TBA
TBD via Relapse Records

Pig Destroyer appear to be releasing something new in 2016, what with Adam Jarvis practicing new songs and various errant advertisements floating around hinting at a new record. The band’s new album will be its first in four years and will finally feature a bassist! So who knows what those grindcore geniuses are going to cook up with one extra mind in the mix. We just hope we get to find out in 2016. (GK)

Solution .45Nightmares In The Waking State, Pt. 2
Aug. 26 via AFM Records (Pre-order here)

Solution .45 have Christian Älvestam on vocals and this is pretty much the pinnacle of his career. Backed by a band of insanely talented dudes from Stratovarius, Miseration, and Torchbearer, Solution .45 are on their third album in six years and have yet to put out a single bad track.

It’s progressive metal, it’s shred, it’s flat out death metal, it’s ballads with hooks… it’s just everything good you’ve ever loved about metal wrapped up into one. (GK)

SubRosaFor This We Fought The Battle Of Ages

Aug. 26 via Profound Lore

SubRosa have woven elaborate origami out of music in their ten-plus years as a working band. Their last album made most best-of lists and this, a concept album based on the dystopian novel We, is multifaceted and compelling. (JN)

Trap ThemCrown Feral
Fall release (TBD) via Prosthetic Records

Trap Them do rage, agony and frustration better than almost any active band.  While they have never been a band for reinvention, they have always been a band that’s about continuing to top the formidable records they’ve already produced. Crown Feral is as unbreakable as graphene, the world’s toughest mineral. (JN)

WitherscapeThe Northern Sanctuary
July 22 via Century Media Records (Pre-order here)

Witherscape is the partnership of Dan Swanö, who you might know from Edge of Sanity or Bloodbath, and Ragnar Widerberg, who you might know from Shadowquest. This will be the band’s sophomore effort, and it’s leagues ahead of its debut The Inheritance, which came out in 2013. 

Which is also saying something, because The Inheritance is an unreasonably good debut album, but man… The Northern Sanctuary just sounds unreal. (GK)