For those who aren’t the biggest fans of school, the end of summer can be difficult to deal with. As the fall semester looms for many, we've put together a list of 12 songs (with highlighted lyrics) to help battle the anxiety that one may feel when returning to the classroom. Let us know which songs you use to combat anxiety below!


Our Last Night – “Sunrise”

When the night is cold and you feel like no one knows
What it's like to be the only one buried in this hole
You can make it to the sunrise

I won't go to my grave until a difference is made


A Day To Remember – “All Signs Point To Lauderdale”

My world cannot ever bring me down
Everything I had is turning back around
Because our time's worth something
Bigger then both you and me

I can't live my life always backing down
I got to do this right, then make it make a sound
'Cause I'm not here for nothing
At least I can say I stand for something

You and me we stand for something


Gideon – “Survive” (ft. Caleb Shomo)

Move past your fears so you can finally be free
Push through the pain (pain!) you can’t be afraid
You won’t see the sun until you walk through the rain

Fall, get up, repeat
Welcome the hard times
Rise in defeat


Issues – “Never Lose Your Flames”

I hope you make peace with your pain
And never lose your flames


Tonight Alive – “What Are You So Scared Of?”

We wait for it, to find you, to find you.
But the truth is far behind you now.
Time to say it out loud:

What are you so scared of?
Judgements not unfair.
It's what we've learned to see.

What are you afraid of?
This is not unheard of. 
Nothing's how it wasn't always meant to be.


Sprung Monkey – “Beautiful”

I never felt that I want too much
I never said that I need too much
But with the lack of the strength I need
There I was almost giving up

Then I saw beautiful
And it opened up my eyes
When I found beautiful
It opened up my life