[Photos by: Gardenhead—John Whitecar, The Former Me—Sarah Vessel]

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Life Lessons – “Attention To Detail”

Oklahoma-based pop-punks Life Lessons debuted their mighty new song, “Attention To Detail,” taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, Best When In Motion, set to be released next month via You Did This/Triple Crown Records.

Gardenhead – “Underwater”

Casey Bolles’ new project, Gardenhead, debuted “Underwater,” the emotionally-driven new track taken from the band’s debut album, set to be released next year via Pure Noise.

Chris Farren – “Be There 4 Ya”

Chris Farren debuted his new song, “Be There 4 Ya,” made entirely in his bedroom studio.

The Former Me – “Disquiet”

St. Louis-based pop punk band the Former Me debuted their new EP, I Know This Get Better, featuring the track, “Disquiet.”

Discrepancies – “Art Of War”

St. Louis-based nu-metal, rap-rock band Discrepancies released a music video for “Art of War,” taken from the bands debut album The Awakening, which is available now.

Adore Delano – “Negative Nancy”

Adore Delano debuted her new song “Negative Nancy,” the first single from her forthcoming, guitar-drenched album Whatever, set to be released Aug. 21.

Summer Heart – “Follow”

Swedish lo-fi, dream pop artist Summer Heart dropped his sumer-ready new single, “Follow,” taken from the Swede’s forthcoming album 101, set to be released next month.