[Photo by: Everyone Leaves – Carolyn Ambriano Photography, Who Is She? – Sarah Cass]

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Everyone Leaves – “Stolen” (Dashboard Confessional cover)

Everyone Leaves released their stunning cover of Dashboard Confessional favorite, “Stolen.”

Who Is She? – “Top 8”

Seattle musicians Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt, Childbirth), Robin Edwards (Lisa Prank) and Bree McKenna (Tacocat, Childbirth) formed a new band: Who Is She? Their debut album, Seattle Gossip, is due out Oct. 6. In anticipation, the band released their addictive first single, “Top 8.”

Locals Only – “Choke”

Backed by the likes of Movements and Neck Deep’s Dani and Fil, Locals Only are proving their pop-punk worth on their song—and new music video for—“Choke.”

Acadia – “Dryspell”

”Dryspell” is taken from the band’s EP, All Heart, based around the story of a couple and their struggles with love, loss, and the uncertainty of where their lives are moving.

Racquet Club – “Head Full Of Bees”

Racquet Club, featuring members of Knapsack, The Jealous Sound and Samiam, have announced their self-titled debut album, featuring the powerful track “Head Full Of Bees.”

heyohwell – “Small Town Syndrome”

Pop punkers heyohwell released their debut single, “Small Town Syndrome.”

Death of a Nation – “Don’t Speak For Me”

Founded by members of Defeater and Verse, Death Of A Nation is a reaction to the world we live in—angst meeting melancholy, rage meeting reflection. “Don’t Speak For Me” challenges people to think in a more critical way.