Welcome to the Sherwood tour diary documenting their ongoing headlining tour. Read parts one and two below, and click here to see the remaining tour dates.


Our tour started this week in California. The first shows have been really incredible, four out of the first five sold out!

Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California, brought out a lot of early Sherwood fans, spanning the past four years.

Thanks to those of you that came out!

We had one day off this week and a friend got us tickets to see Jay Leno. The writers’ strike was still going on, as is obvious from this photo…

During Question and Answer, our drummer Joe asked for a photo with Jay Leno.

Jay Leno: "So what do you do?"

Joe: "I’m a musician in a band."

Jay Leno: "Oh, so you still live with your parents."

Joe: (speechless)

San Diego was our last stop in California, which also means it was our last chance to go to one of my favorite places to eat…

Here is a really interesting picture of the venue in San Diego, the Soma… 🙂

Wow. Great pic, eh? Haha… Anyway, here’s one of me at Starbucks, which is pretty much where everyone in Sherwood goes to relax, read and/or just have a nice cup’a’joe. I love it…

…and, of course, after coffee you’ve got to get something decent to eat. While in Tucson, Arizona, we had amazing sandwiches at a place called East Coast Super Subs. The shop was directly across the street from The Rock, where we played later on…

…and, as you can see from the photo, we had company during lunch. Our friends in We Shot The Moon came out and dined with us. They’re rad dudes. Afterwords, we got down to business.

And here’s one pre-show photo…

Finally, at our last stop of the week–in Tempe–our good friend and sound tech/merch guy, Shane, posed for us to take a shot of him with his donations box. He is undergoing a very special project, whereby he allows himself only $2 a day for food and gives the majority of what he would have spent on food to charity.

Finally, here’s Mikey showing off our exclusive street team posters!

Please check out our myspace page to join the street team!!

Thanks for checking out how everything is going with week 1 of our headlining tour "Starry Nights and Salty Seas" I hope you’ve enjoyed these pics. We’ll have many more for you next week!

David and Mikey (from Sherwood)


Hey Ya’ll,

Welcome to week two of our Starry Nights and Salty Seas Tour Blog!

This week has been quite a good one for us. Crazy, long-night drives, fun hang-outs with our friends in We Shot The Moon, The Higher and The Matches, and great times with all of you coming out to the shows.

Our week started off with a broken trailer in Las Vegas.

By Monday we made it out to Amarillo, Texas, everyone’s favorite place in the Lonestar State! ….oh wait… 99.97% of you haven’t even heard of it.

If you aren’t familiar with the routine of a band, it basically goes something like this.

Load-in around early afternoon…

Set-up the stage and prepare for sound check…

The entire process usually runs five hours, right up to the time the venue opens it’s doors.

We took a small break from Texas on Wednesday to say hello to our good friends in Oklahoma City.

The show was intimate and by far the most enthusiastic crowd we have met on this tour (excluding our home town of San Luis Obispo, that is).

With so much rocking going on, who could have seen it coming that Mikey would be climbing on the rafters by the end of the set, taking on a pretty huge gash on his thumb for it…

Modern medicine has no answers for the love and tender care of make-shift solutions…

Also, thanks to Megan for making David a pretty sweet shirt…

The next show was in Austin, Texas – the capital of the state. The afternoon air was still and we happened to be parked directly under a convention of stubborn black birds. David captured a shot that looks eerily reminiscent of the new Wilco album cover…

It was a late show at Emos:

But never too late for a cameo appearance by ‘Miami Vice goes to Japan.’

Actually, Nate just dug through Sean’s (from the Matches) suitcase. We will be sad to say goodbye to The Matches who will be leaving us at the end of this week to do a headlining tour in the UK.

The drives between cities usually last us five or six hours, giving us plenty of time to read or play music. Not that you actually need photos of these, but, it wouldn’t be a photo blog without them!

Friday night was an awesome show at The Door in Dallas. This venue has one of the best sound systems in the whole country, and we always look forward to playing a show here.

And of course, after the show, we are always up for a dance party…

As week two of the "Salty Seas and Starry Nights tour" comes to a close, we are looking forward to Houston Calls joining us for the next leg. The rest of the tour will be Sherwood, Houston Calls, The Higher, and We Shot the Moon. Everyone has myspace music pages and if you are unfamiliar with any of these bands, you should definitely check them out.

Until next week,

Mikey, David, Nate, Dan, and Joe

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