Welcome to the Meg & Dia tour diary documenting their ongoing tour with Angels & Airwaves. Read the sixth and final installment below, revisit part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

I do not say goodbye to everyone here. Rather, I see them this last day, treat it like any other day, say "hello", and leave it at that.

I’ll never forget the shows, and the kids, and the gigantic stages. I’ll never forget the stage lights. I’ll never forget the never- ending lines out front. I won’t forget sketchy green-room chips and salsa. But most of all, I’ll never forget the people and I hope I see them all soon.

Ben, our sound guy, didn’t just fix our sound. He fixed our morale. He didn’t just rejuvenate our guitar tones. He reclaimed our hope. I’m especially thankful because he genuinely cared about what I was going through and took time out every day to help me warm-up. He didn’t have to, but sometimes people just care to care. Thank-you Ben.

To our guitar tech Ping: I’m sorry we put you through so much stress. I know that I must have been the thorn in your side, but sometimes techy guitar knowledge is news to me, and hey at least I know how to plug my guitar in, right? I promise I’ll never leave my guitars in taxis anymore. Nor will I leave them in the green room after warming up, and make you lose your lungs to retrieve them two minutes before we head on stage. I’m sorry for setting up the guitar boat in inconvenient spots. I’m sorry for being so picky about sound. I just want you readers out there to know we had the best damn guitar tech and sound guy in the world, and Ping and Ben if you ever read this I hope you go on to do great things and work for the bands and find the adventures you deserve. You didn’t just do your job with the Meg and Dia band, you made a difference.

I’d like to thank our manager, Mr. Kaminsky for coming out on the road and putting together our tattered band. There are naked pictures of him on the internet. Check them out. Also, Chris Georggin, Angels’ manager was in Teen People magazine. Check that out too. We are indebted to Angels and Airwaves for taking us out on this incredible tour. Thank you Tom, Dave, Matt, and Adam! To The Color Fred, We’ll see ya’ll in Europe. Looking forward to it! It breaks my heart to never chat with Ski, our monitor guy, about cats and cooking before we play. Steve Forever (drummer of the Color Fred), I hope you keep that name forever and now you have to find someone else’s beer to steal! Clem, (Ace’s merch guy) no more loading merch into the trailer in the snow for you! Hurray!

I could go on and on with last words and painful memories, but now it’s time to say "hello". Hello. Hello. Hello.

-Meg Frampton