In all the time she’s been in our scene, Hayley Williams has kicked ass at just about everything. From her incredible music career to her recent foray into hair dyes, Williams is a true master—so of course she spreads the love. Here are 14 songs she’s provided guest vocals for, showing off her complete musical range.


“The Few That Remain”- Set Your Goals

Halfway through this song, Williams interrupts California pop-punk band Set Your Goals to ask if she can join in—and then reveals some of her more hardcore vocals.


“Keep Dreaming Upside Down”- October Fall

Looking for a good breakup song? Look no further! Williams joins these pop punks to help mend your broken heart with this track.


“Airplanes”- B.o.B

Everyone remembers the chorus that had Hayley Williams singing about airplanes and shooting stars all over the radio in 2010.


“Then Came To Kill” – The Chariot

Trying her hand in the heavier side of the genre, Hayley proves she’s a woman of many talents. Although it gets a little tough to hear her at times, she’s in there, we promise.


“Stay The Night”- Zedd

Hayley holds her own on this EDM track from German producer Zedd.


“Church Channel”- Say Anything

On this Say Anything track, Williams plays the girl who shocks Max Bemis by how good she looks in thick rim glasses.


“Fallen”- Death In The Park

This Death In The Park, a side project of Hot Rod Circuit, song became an instant hit with the Paramore frontwoman on board.