The Wonder Years — “Melrose Diner”

Best lyric: All I've got left are these handfuls of fuck you/and man that's never enough

State Champs — “All You Are Is History”

Best lyric: I've had enough of all the talk on how you're saving me/Talk like you're self-assured but all you are is history

Four Year Strong — “I Hold Myself In Contempt”

Best lyric: I never thought that I'd be giving you up/I never thought that I'd be giving you up, I never/I never thought that you'd be holding me back

Seaway — “Sabrina The Teenage Bitch”

Best lyric: I have nothing to say, except I hope you burn in hell/I never wanna hear your name or see your face again

Neck Deep — “What Did You Expect?”

Best lyric: Six months has been and I'm still sick of everything that makes you smile

Man Overboard — “The Absolute Worst”

Best lyric: I'm too good for someone like you anyway

Handguns — “I Hope He Kills You”

Best lyric: And I hope he breaks you down/The next time you call I won’t be around

Bonus throwback song from the emo legends themselves

Dashboard Confessional — “The Best Deceptions”

Best lyric:  So kiss me hard 'cause this will be the last time that I let you

Since we couldn't include every song, let us know your favorite in the comments that didn't make the list.