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The Dirty Nil – “Mod Lang”

The Dirty Nil released a cover of Big Star’s “Mod Lang” for Die Alone Records’ compilation album for the Dine Alone Tour 2017.

Head North – “By Presidential Decree”

Head North released their new song, “By Presidential Decree,” taken from their forthcoming debut full-length, The Last Living Man Ever in the History of the World, out June 2.

Subtleties – “Nobody”

Subtleties are a new band from Albany, New York, and they just released their debut single “Nobody.”

Rumors Of Free Lunch – “On Our Way To Perdition”

Punk duo Rumors Of Free Lunch released their EP Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back, and “On Our Way To Perdition” sums up the band’s “fast, brief, and pissed off music” mantra.

Bent Knee – “Holy Ghost”

Boston-based Bent Knee released a live video for “Holy Ghost,” taken from their upcoming full-length, Land Animal, out June 23.

FOXTRAX – “Sign Of The Times”

Indie rockers FOXTRAX have debuted their romantic take on Harry Styles' song, “Sign of The Times.”

*repeat repeat – “Plugged In”

Here’s the pink-hued new music video from surf rockcandy band *repeat repeat’s forthcoming summer record.

Playing To Vapors – “Switchblade”

“Switchblade” is an indie/math-pop jam from Columbus, OH-based quintet Playing To Vapors. It also happens to be the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Shred The Master Design.

The Flatliners – “Indoors”

This is the first track on the official compilation album for the Dine Alone Tour 2017, taken off the Flatliners’ Inviting Light, out now.

Simon Doom – “I Feel Unloved”

Simon Doom, the solo project from Kuroma/MGMT guitarist, Simon O'Connor, proves he has a brand of power pop that is innovative and undeniably catchy.

Strawberry Girls – “Sasha”

“Sasha” is the first new full-band Strawberry Girls song the band has written since their album American Graffiti back in 2015.

Sweeping Exits – “Bigotry and Barbecue”

“Bigotry and Barbecue” is the Portland queer horror glam rock outfit’s second song off of their debut full-length, Glitter & Blood, out June 9th via Matriarch Queen Records.

De'Wayne Jackson – “Old Steps”

De'Wayne Jackson’s new EP, Don’t Be Afraid, dropped this week, and “Old Steps” is the emotionally-driven first track on the EP.

VickyT – “Ghost”

VickyT, formerly of rock/pop band Cobra Starship, has released her infectious new single “Ghost.”