Tumblr is best known for gifs and memes, but it also seems to understand our scene better than most. We picked out a few of our favorite posts that proved Tumblr just gets it.

If a “friend” doesn’t like Fall Out Boy, are they really a friend you want to have?


When Gerard Way perfectly sums up what it’s like to go out.


Do you really think we want to wear anything other than black?

And even though all we wear is black, it is still a daily struggle.

New Found Glory made us this way.

It’s not everyday that you run into Twenty One Pilots AND Fall Out Boy when you’re grocery shopping…

Tumblr understands that March 22 will never be an okay day.

When Tom DeLonge inspired a presidential candidate…or something like that.

Socialize?! No thank you!

When parties aren’t really your thing…


Everything makes sense now.



We can wish, right? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That time Tumblr shared the thoughts we all have on the emo holy trinity.