Almost two weeks into the tour and everything is starting to settle in. Being out with Jimmy Eat World and Paramore has been quite eye-opening for us, we’re getting spoiled. I didn’t know what to expect before we pulled up to the first venue in San Antonia, Freeman Coliseum, but walking into an empty room on thousands and thousands of seats quickly made me realize that this tour was going to be far different than the usual. And that it is. It’s kicking ass, bigtime. We have a few new friends in the van with us this time around, too…

Dylan – our big fluffy tour manager

And Rajiv "Diggums" on the four string

Bamboozle Left was awesome. We saw a lot of people that we missed and checked out some of our fellow-bands sets. It was a long day though with far too much free RedBull. I’m surprised no one dropped dead of a caffeine blast to the heart. We made it out alive. Cheers to that.

Tonight we’re in Sacramento, the show starts in a few hours. Looking forward to it.

Robert and D&TH.