Want the perfect gift for drummers? What if we told you there’s a way to stop their kick drums from sliding? Save the show and your favorite drummer’s sanity with these simple, affordable, low-profile miracles that slip right onto their kick drum spurs. Don’t believe us? Ask bands like Underoath, Bayside, Senses Fail and AWOLNATION who back them! Check out more information on KBrakes here

Pick Punch

Show your crafty side by turning anything into a guitar pick. Just like a hole punch, you can find your old credit and membership cards and make a ton of free picks, thereby saving your loved one a lot of money while also giving them a renewed sense of individuality. Check out more details here

Dr. Vox Tea

We know, telling you to get a musician tea might seem a little lame, but trust us. This British-made tea made is specifically designed for vocalists. Help the singer in your life warm up their voice before hitting the stage. They’ll thank you for it later since they can still talk after the show. You can check out the official site here and the U.S. store here

Jack Racks

Hanging your keys just got a lot cooler. Just imagine gifting this to someone who comes home from a hard day at work or practice and gets to plug their keychain into an amplifier on the wall. Who knew keeping track of your keys could feel so badass? Jack Rack now comes in a Marshall head version, along with plenty of other custom design options! Check all the options here. 

Remo – Powerstroke 77 Coated Clear Dot Drumheads

Every drummer has a snare drum, and every snare drum needs this head. If you’re not sure which head would fit their style, the Powerstroke 77 will most likely take the cake for their new favorite. Snares that sound good make happy drummers. Check it out here for more details. 

Guitar Shop Tees – T-Shirt Club

Guitar Shop Tees is the gift that keeps on giving. Think Loot Crate, BarkBox or Birchbox, but for musicians. Subscribe today and get a new shirt from the world’s best independent guitar shops every month! Instead of the goofy apparel you find in sponsored Facebook posts, give the gift of legitimately cool shirts all through the year.  Support independent businesses and good taste! For these shirts and many, many more, check out the site here

Toontrack – EZdrummer 2

Whether you know someone with a fully tricked-out studio or a laptop to demo music, EZdrummer 2 will help them build realistic drum sounds and legitimize their recordings. It seems confusing at first glance, but the program is easy to navigate and will result in some awesome drum tones. Hey, beats workin’… For more info on the various features of EZdrummer 2, check out the videos here

Ernie Ball – Musician’s Tool Kit

This is the perfect gift for the guitarist that already seems to have everything. Sure, they have 10 guitars, but are they in good condition? Keep their axes mean, clean and pristine with this simple yet important assortment of tools. You can check out this and many more awesome Ernie Ball products here

PRS – 2017 Private Stock Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar, so why not spend 12 months drooling over the world’s most beautiful guitars? It’s a polite way of saying, “Maybe one day I’ll get you one of these. Maybe.” For info on this and other cool PRS items, check out the site here

Funko – Guns N’ Roses vinyl toys

Axl and Slash are back together again, but this time the reunion show is on your desk at work. Start your vinyl figure collection and watch the addiction grow. With more and more famous musicians’ faces making their way onto these vinyl figures, Funko Pops will be your go-to gift for the next few years. Start your collection here

Drum Stick Pen Set

Let that musician in your life tell their coworkers that they play drums and they’re proud of it. “Hey Steve in accounting, I’m in a band. Get over it.” Check them out here


Are you watching someone slowly go deaf at practice and shows because they hate wearing those big, dumb foam earplugs? What if we told you there are comfortable earplugs out there that not only lower the volume, but don’t muffle the sound? That’s right. Save someone’s hearing and make them enjoy playing again. Give the gift of hearing here

Orange Amplifiers – Micro Crush PiX Series CR3 3W 1×3.5 Guitar Combo Amp

Stop the neighbors from calling the cops and invest in this small, but obviously awesome amp from the legendary people at Orange. Now they can practice in an apartment at low volumes (or headphones) and shred all night if they really want to. Check out all the Orange Amplifier options here

Fender – Telecaster cutting board

Bring the rock ’n’ roll out of the garage and basement and into your kitchen with this slick cutting board. Perfect for cooking projects together and keeping that musician’s spirit around while you’re waiting on them to make dinner. Feast your eyes on this and many more awesome Fender items here

Vater Percussion – Buzz Kill

Stop the rattle of snare drums, resonance of your toms and vibrations of your cymbals with this gel-based dampening system. In short, help someone control their sound and make them sound like a pro in no time. For once, it’s okay to be a buzz kill. Get more info here

This list of gift ideas was created in partnership with Guitar Shop Tees.